Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Japanese sewing: top B

I've just completed top B from the Japanese sewing book - "The Stylish Dress Book".

The fabric is a printed cotton voile, its very light and soft.  I don't like high necklines, so I substituted the neckline from dress O.

For my own taste it is a little bit too roomy in the body, you can't really tell in these pictures but there's a fair bit of fabric there, I'll probably take it in down the sides slightly.

But for now I'm just sitting back and admiring my efforts.  I'll going to make this one again soon for sure, maybe a short sleeved version.


ellie said...

What pretty fabric - it looks all soft and floaty. Yah to you! I have so many projects I want to make for me, but they keep getting to the bottom of the list....

I think a lot of the Japanese patterns are much roomier and unshaped than most of us Australian women wear. I love the look of so many of those designs, but they don't work too well on my bust.

Bungalowgirl said...

Gorgeous top, give yourself a pat on the back for completion alone! melx


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