Thursday, February 14, 2013

My creative space: size up

I bought half a metre of red and blue car corduroy on the cheap last week.  My sole intention was to make a pair of pants for the boy.  Last time I made these I was still using the 6-12 months pattern, I skipped the 12-18 months size and went straight onto the 18-24 months size seeing as he will be 18 months in a few short weeks time.  Aaargh, they're too big!  Never mind, there's plenty of shorts and t-shirt weather around here for a time yet so here's hoping these will be the perfect size for the colder months later in the year.

I love a pair of oversized pants on a kid though, they look so cute and funny.

We had a lot of fun mucking about in his room this morning, there's a huge mirror in there and I quickly realised it's easy to get caught out in the background while taking photos...and I should really have moved that fan to the side before I started...never mind, I'm just showing you to a bit of "real life" around at our place this morning.

Ah so what, let's have a go and some self portraiture while we're at it!  

Joining in with these talented folks today.

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Yana said...

He looks adorable in his oversize pants! He will probably grow into them in no time. Love his room! I might need to go and add some nice decorations to both M and the baby's rooms. They are quite bare.....


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