Friday, February 22, 2013

The flip vest: take one

Recently Dana from Made released her latest pattern - the flip vest.  When I saw this pattern I knew I had to make one for each of my boys (one boy might be a bit too big but I'm going to have a go at enlarging the pattern a size or two).

I've been working all day on this vest, the pattern is easy, the instructions are detailed and despite being a relative novice with polar fleece and knit ribbing the whole thing has gone together without a hitch...

...but even after doing a whole lot of pre-sewing measuring and checks I just had this nagging feeling that the 12-24 month size was a little on the small side for my 18 month old.

And yep, when he woke up from his sleep and I gave it a quick try on, it's too small for him.  It's too tight around the chest area, the front just won't overlap to put any kind of fastening on.  Obviously the sizing gods are not smiling on me recently after the too large pants episode.

Oh well, we'll call this a practice run and start over on the next size (the 2-3).  Lucky for me I bought extra fabric so I've got plenty of extra to work with.

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