Monday, June 10, 2013

Long weekending

A long weekend just gone here in Brisbane - the Queen's birthday.  A pity the weather was so terrible, I'm sure the rain scuttled many a long weekend getaway plans.  We stayed put though and just enjoyed each other's company.  There was a spot of crochet on possibly my longest running project ever...

Biscuit making and biscuit eating

Admiring illustrations and listening to translations of Russian children's stories

Making box cubbies and reading in them

Looking out at our soggy building site and willing our extension to be finished soon


Loving the warmth being pumped forth from our new wood heater.  Having this is making us so happy!

Time for tea, Mad Men and chocolate biscuits.  xx


yardage girl said...

It was the perfect weekend to be indoors :: yours looked lovely!

Kat said...

Oh what I would give to have a fireplace! One day...


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