Monday, September 30, 2013

Selfish sewing: Tulip Washi Dress

I am half minded to call this post "struggle with a self timer" as there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between the camera perched on the top of the boys' plastic garden slide and attempting to pose against my garden fence and get a decent shot with decent was not easy.  Plus it was windy, that dress was blowing in all directions while waiting for the camera shutter to click!

I've called this dress my tulip dress, tiny little pink and yellow tulips and daisies pattern this fabric from Spotlight. I bought the last off the bolt and it was a bit less than I actually intended to buy, I think there was only 2.3m left and I really wanted 2.5m.  I thought I would do some pale pink facings to the exterior around the neckline but I managed to squeeze all the pattern pieces onto the fabric I had so I didn't bother with the contrasting facing.  I think in hind sight if I had had more time to spend on making this dress that I should have persisted with that idea.

This is my third Washi dress so I'm feeling quite confident with the pattern now.  The elastic shirring still makes me a bit nervous and I feel like its a miracle every time it works out, I should stop being so surprised shouldn't I?


Dolphinwitch said...

Really pretty dress, love the shaping detail at the back waist from the elastic shirring.

Reina Waterman said...

Found you from the Flickr pool - I LOVE this fabric so much!!!


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