Friday, August 13, 2010

Creating a scene

Hello from Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand.  Never been to Wanaka? You really must.  Its just over the mountain from Queenstown, close to the ski fields...of course you now know what we are doing here. 

The scenery from my window over Lake Wanaka is really spectacular.  Its like an ever changing postcard, today was quite misty and dull after a few days of beautiful sunshine and clear skys.

Of course I never travel without a few things.

I wanted to try something new.

And this tree fascinated me.

I have stitched the following interpretation of the scene before me.  Next time I travel over here I must remember to bring more greys and soft colours, no reds, pinks or brights needed.

Back next week.


yardage girl said...

All I can say is ... lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky you! I love NZ! Enjoy!

gret said...

Mmmm. Love Wanaka. Nice stitching!!

Yana said...

that looks like a very nice place to be and I LOVE your embroidery of the scenery :) have a lovely holiday! i'm off to mine on sunday :D

Maxabella said...

Beautiful view, no wonder your creativity was sparked. I think your embroidery is lovely.

Kat said...

what a great view! I love New Zealand. It is the most beautiful country. Enjoy your holiday!

Mary said...

Beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Kate Bruning said...

Wanaka would have to be one of my favourite places in the world. i just had a big road trip around the south island with my family and I definately felt it was a place I could live. A very good place to crochet too!

Juddie said...

Love it! Gorgeous :-)


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