Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Multiplication is a vexation...

This is a case of the first one worked fine, and the second one was a fiddly old Pain with a capital P.  No I am not talking about children, I am talking about bunnies.

For a special two year old I made a yellow bunny from a vintage sheet scrap, just like the pink and white one, but this time around I had trouble with all those limbs.  Now that I have perfected a blind stitch I am resolved from now on to stuff each limb individually to avoid the whole drama of sewing the stuffed limbs inside the body pieces and then trying to turn it all right sides out (which always makes me think of a cow giving birth...sorry for that image if it doesn't agree with you).  Call me a woos but if something isn't reasonably flat while going under my machine foot, then it 'aint going there, thanks very much.

Anyway, she turned out acceptable, nothing a little hand stitching here and there didn't fix.  It was correctly identified as a bunny by the recipient, and its ears got a good sucking/chewing on so I guess she's now been accepted into her new home (well she's not coming back home to mine with wet ears).

Speaking of bunnies - if you have long admired Dandelion Beck's wool rabbits with their gorgeous outfits, she now has them for sale.  Very tempting, I tell you!


Yana said...

she still turned out very cute! btw, i know what you mean about trying to sew already stuffed limbs to the body... it is very tricky!!! sometimes i am also tempted to sew first and then stuff. :)

Catherine said...

Aww they are very cute Caroline. I'm not a big fan of the turning out of limbs much either. My last softie attempt ended in the bin because it just didn't work for me at all now I'm avoiding making them again but your little bunny is very cute and worth the angst.


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