Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Double trouble

Pattern from the Meet me at Mikes craftbook.

No, not twins.  I made two pairs of booties for a new baby gift because my friend that I gifted a pair to about five months ago told me how ace they were, especially at keeping little socks on tiny feet. 

The pair with the cross-stitch flower was made from a vintage hanky and a pink pillowcase.  I did a quick and wonky attempt at cross-stitching a small flower onto the second bootie to make them look more like a matching pair.  The other pair was made from a vintage sheet and a remnant of white cotton.

Pattern from RevoluazZza
I also got down to a bit of softie making.  I haven't made a "serious-arms-and-legs" softie in ages so I was pleased when I set to work last night that this little bunny turned out just the way I hoped. I used the vintage sheet and pillowcase again.  I like the combination of soft colours.  Hopefully I will get to pop these in the post this afternoon.

Speaking of double trouble, I might even make another bunny...for someone else though.


Yana said...

aww, the booties and the bunny are gorgeous! love the vintage flower fabric, so pretty :)

Cotton Kiwi said...

How gorgeous to have a pair of booties to match your rabbit. Definately a very stylish baby! Just gorgeous!

CurlyPops said...

Isn't it lovely to give vintage linens a brand new life. That little bubba is very lucky!

moose and bird said...

These are amazing!!! If you were selling these and I had a baby I would totally buy them. They are just 'my cup of tea'. Hope you are having a lovely week. Melinda x

Ruby Star said...

I have been eyeing off this project but haven't got to it yet because they look tricky to make. Yours look Gorgeous!

Amanda said...

That's one cute bunny. Thanks for the link now I can make one and add it to my gift of fabric baby shoes that I've just made. Perfect :)


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