Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Isn't it funny how bees make honey

The tree outside our back stairs just bloomed with blossom.  We stepped out the back door this morning and were met with a loud buzzing sound - the tree is swarming with bees collecting nectar from the flowers.  It is LOUD.  There are bits of pollen and flower parts falling from the tree as it literally moves under the activity of those busy bees.

I just read that when a bee is full up on nectar and ready to go back to the hive they are carrying a weight almost equal to their body weight.  If you compare this to an aeroplane that can't take off if its carrying more than a quarter of its own weight then you get an appreciation of how super this little honey making creature really is.

I also noticed that the parts of the tree that don't get the morning sun are still waiting their turn to flower.  Maybe they will bloom this afternoon as the sun lowers over the back of our house.  I think we will have our bee visitors for a few days yet.

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Cotton Kiwi said...

How wonderful to have all those buzzy bees out in your garden. They are getting so rare these days!


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