Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Alphabet Tuesday : S is for Sailor

Attention! Alphabet Tuesday is back with a salute from this little sailor man.

There's a Dick Bruna book all about him - he goes on a voyage in his smart new ship, ends up in the Arctic where the Eskimos live, has fish stew with them in their igloo, has a snooze and then heads off home again.

If only it was that easy, he doesn't even take a pair of gloves, or a change of underwear...

OK, seven letters left to go, I am slightly afraid of V and really not sure how I am going to do Z, but the next one for T is easy.  Can you guess what it is?


Kat said...

oh that little sailor is soooo cute!

Bellgirl said...

T must be turtle? I love the sailor, and especially his little smile ;)

Yana said...

glad to see the alphabet back in action :) your applique skills are just amazing, so neat and perfect! :)

T must be for tomato :D

Mary said...

How cute! This is a great project!


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