Sunday, September 19, 2010

Know me, know my books - part 2

Mm, this post is a little behind in time to what my intentions were.  Life has been pretty hectic here, lots of sewing going on (its birthday party season), and when I get down time I seem to be napping on the couch. 

But because a promise is a promise, I am going to finally show you my second frame of Penguin book covers.
  • The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald again, this one really is a great book though.  I read it a long time ago but I don't think we actually own a copy, must order one some day.
  • Penguin Plays by Oscar Wilde - I just love the titles of two of these plays: "A Woman of No Importance" and "An Ideal Husband" - neither of which are relevant to us... 
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four - well this is a classic book isn't it so how could I leave it out?  I have to admit I am not sure if I have actually read it from start to finish.  All I know is that in 1984 I was in Grade 3 at school...
  • Scootering - my husband has a motorbike licence and would love a scooter, I won't let him....yet
  • The Buildings of England - he's an architect, and I am half British so this is a nice little merger of the two of us
  • Lady Chatterley's Lover - again I haven't actually read it, would like to one day I think, but isn't the cover artwork sublime!
  • Flying Dutchman - without having an actual drop of Dutch blood in the family my husband and my little boy are Dutch nationals (long story).  My husband loves to travel, so this book cover sums him up perfectly
  • Plats du Jour or Foreign Food: A Penguin Handbook - we are lucky to have a lot of different food influences in our household - Australian and eastern and western European. I love the idea of a "handbook" for foreign food, I wonder what was written between the covers of this book.
  • The Garden Party - living in Brisbane means that all good parties are outdoors!
  • John Lennon - my husband is a huge Beatles fan, and I think they are pretty alright too
  • Aircraft Recognition - no we are not plane spotters but we do a lot of travelling in planes courtesy of having interstate and international relatives, and our little boy loves the airport and talking about and playing with planes.  We are plane people you could say.
  • Together - because we are
Don't forget, if you want to make your own book cover display you can purchase the Postcards from Penguin here, and read the tutorial on how to frame them here.


Maxabella said...

I can't say I've heard of "Scootering" and a couple of others, but most were books that I would choose myself. I simply love this idea and have added putting one together onto my 'to do' list. I don't have a 'bucket list', I have a 'to do' list of all the things I want to do before I go!! x

Kat said...

these are such a great idea! I love books so this would be a great way to decorate and have it reflect my personality.

Yana said...

that is an awesome idea.. thanks for sharing yourself with us :)

Cotton Kiwi said...

That is awesome! That would make such a great gift too. Love it.


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