Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crafty musings

Hold onto your hats, a strange thing happened to me yesterday.  I went to the fabric store and bought nothing.  I wandered around looking at this and that, even contemplated some new pillows for the bedroom, but couldn't decided on those either (too much choice, surely a Western consumerist affliction).  I left empty handed, it felt strange.

I was actually looking for a match for the fabric at the bottom of the above photo.  Its a difficult grey/blue/green colour and it looks good with navy blue, but coming into summer I wasn't sure I wanted to make navy blue anything.  Then there was navy blue, and navy blue.  I have a large piece of "navy blue" broadcloth at home (labeled as such when I bought it), but its the wrong navy, not dark enough and verging towards a dark royal blue.  But the "lighter" shade does go well with a bit of kimono fabric I have...a skirt panel instead perhaps?

So to move away from my issues with shades of blue I started to make a pink summer top.  I cut out the front panel from some pink fabric I picked up from the op shop, but when I ironed it I realised that it was a bit old and there were a few marks on the fabric. It was really suited to a skirt lining or a softie, not the front of a new shirt. 

I spent some time making these two-tone sleeves from fabric remnants in my stash.  I like the combination very much.  After rejecting the pink shirt option I pulled out a large piece of cream homespun from the cupboard.  Not a bad match with the pink sleeves, but it needed a pre-wash so I was really going nowhere fast with the shirt making...

I then decided I really wanted to put a band of the floral fabric around the bottom edge of the shirt-to-be, but I had used it all up.  I spent some time on the internet tracking down the shop where I bought the scrap of fabric a few weeks ago...I am still in communications with them as to what it might have been called.  Has anyone seen that fabric anywhere?  As you can tell I am not in a hurry for an answer considering the go-slow zone around here.

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Little Ted Canvas said...

I'm sorry I can't help you with the fabric name..but I do love your combinations! Skirt, shirt, cushions, whatever you decide, they'll look great with those fabric choices...


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