Thursday, September 23, 2010

Next stop...Kent

I told you it was birthday season here.

Tomorrow is not only my own boy's birthday, but two years and a few minutes later a good friend of mine had her own son.  This red t-shirt with big red bus applique is heading his way.  There is a strong family connection to the UK so the double decker bus will not be lost on his Mum and Dad either.

I have to say a big thanks to Sarah from Cotton Kiwi and Gret from A Little Red Ribbon for their assistance with all things t-shirt applique.  After a lot of trembling and trepidation on my behalf they gave me all the tips and encouragement and in the end it worked out beautifully.


gret said...

Looks great! It was my pleasure too.

Megan said...

it looks really great and very professional!

Yana said...

looks lovely! :D

Bellgirl said...

Oh that's so cute!


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