Monday, April 23, 2012

Game changer

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between navy and black.  When I bought this fabric I thought the elephants were marching across a black background. Then when I cut out the black fabric I was going to match it with I realised the elephants were on the darkest of navy blues.  Meh, I didn't like the combination.  What I was doing came to a screeching halt, my plans needed changing.

Well, the silver lining was that I conceded that the black broadcloth I had in the fabric stash was cheap, nasty and scratchy and no good at all for garments.  I'm bundled it up and stashed it in case I need some "spare" black fabric one day - something for a quick applique or for a spot of impromptu costume making, etc.

I swapped over to using some nice light denim cotton.  I'm making a pair of pants for Kids Clothes Week here - one of a few pairs I am planning to make this week.

First I've just got to get a few measurements from the dribbling, wriggling, semi-crawling eight month old scooting around on the floor...

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