Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rockin' the t-shirt make over

Just the other day I was sewing in plain red.  Well today I came over all anti-plain.  A plain cream long sleeved t-shirt was one item I recently pulled out of the little kids clothing I have had in storage.  It's so totally boring, don't you agree?  It needs some jazz, it needs some pizazz.

It has now undergone quite the makeover with a few bits of fabric from the deep dark depths of my fabric stash.

First it got a panel of colourful electric guitar knit fabric splashed across the front.  I used double sided interfacing to stick it to the shirt, and then did a quick row of stitching around the perimeter just to make sure it stays put through wearing and washing.

Next I wanted to put red cuffs on the sleeves.  I was simply going to sandwich the ends of the sleeves between a folded piece of rib knit fabric but I very quickly realised I was never going to get a tiny sleeve opening under my sewing machine needle - mission impossible!  So, not to be beaten, I unpicked the sleeve ends to the point where I could just lay the sleeve fabric flat, and then sandwiched it between the rib fabric.

I sewed it on to the sleeve with a double row of stitching, then re-stitched the sleeve closed again. I trimmed the seam allowance back and did a zig-zag stitch over the raw edges (both sides separately) and then opened up the seam and did a little horizontal stitch across the sleeve end to keep the inside of the sleeve openings nice and neat and comfy.

In a perfect world I would have sewed the sleeve openings just a little bit tighter, but I'm very happy with the results!

Sorry for the overload of pictures of the babe lately, I am exploiting having use of an unwitting model.

Rock out baby!

Possibly that brings to a close my contribution to the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, I've done way more than my one hour a day requirement and three new garments is pretty good going for one week around at my place.  My house is a mess, the meal planning has collapsed, the floors need a vacuum, laundry needs doing, things just generally need cleaning and its time to reduce down the ever growing pile of sewing paraphernalia on the dining table.  Unless I get a little delivery of hippopotamus fabric tomorrow I think I'm pretty much done.

And, as if this post wasn't long enough already, I've linked up today over at Our Creative Spaces.


Kat said...

Very cool! Love the guitars and the contrast bands. What a cool idea.

Cirque Du Bebe said...

So creative. And I love a matching outfits on babes.

Rebecca said...

I think you've done very well! And I completely understand the neglecting of housework that goes into ensuring that sewing happens. Oh, And the baby pictures are lovely!

Yana said...

great shirt remake and your little model is just so handsome!!!

Sally said...

I've done this before for shirts that are beyond stain removal :)


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