Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sewing for kids - I'm in

Easter and the school holidays has seen me finally take a break from the sewing machine.  Phew, for a while there I thought I might have been using it to death!  Its actually been nice to sit back for a week or two without a hundred sewing ideas racing around in my brain on a daily basis.

In the meantime I have become rather addicted to crochet, but some things are telling me to stop and have a break from that too - a reoccurring wrist problem seems be aggravated by the action of moving my crochet hook back and forth, and my latest trip to stock up on wool was met with nearly empty shelves at Spotlight.

In order to get the love flowing again for my sewing machine I have just signed up to the Kids Clothing Week Challenge at Elsie Marley.  I did the Spring (Northern hemisphere) challenge last year for my then four year old.  I might dedicate this one to my nearly eight month old baby.

Nothing like jumping in totally unprepared - I don't even have any fabric ideas in mind yet!  I've got a few days to do some preparations and get ideas ticking around in that brain of mine.

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the textured leaf said...

I wish I could jump right in like you are doing.
Ive been umming and ahhing about doing the challenge, not really knowing whether I can follow through.
I love the drive it gives you but last year I failed pathetically with zero items at the end of my week.
Not the greatest admission. eeek

Have fun!


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