Friday, March 1, 2013

Baba Marta shirt

Today it's the first of March - Baba Marta day in Bulgaria.  People exchange martinitsi with each other which are red and white coloured wristbands, or figurines, that symbolise health and happiness.  Over there of course its the end of winter and the coming of spring.  You are supposed to take off your martinitsi when you see the first signs of spring.

Today I was in the local second hand shop and I saw this great red and white striped ladies t-shirt.  For $3 it looked like the perfect thing to try out a bit of sewing with knits.  I took it home and started to cut it up - what do you know, it's made in Bulgaria.  It was then I remembered it's Baba Marta day, too amazing!

While the little one napped I made a quicky pattern for a t-shirt by tracing around one of his store bought shirts and on a wing and a prayer sewed it together.

I absolutely cannot believe this worked and it fits!  

I'm not sure that hem band will last the distance, it's a bit too stretchy, but I can always cut it off and put a blue one on to match the neck ribbing.  I might add some decoration to it later, but for now I'm just basking in this little sewing triumph.

Tshirt made using tutorial by Made
Pants made using Big Butt Baby Pants pattern by Made by Rae


Suz said...

Very sweet and serendipitous!

dana said...

I'm so glad it worked! It looks adorable on him.


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