Sunday, September 29, 2013

Selfish sewing: Dandelion top (New Look 6705)

Here's my first post to fully show you the wrap up of the three garments I made during Selfish Sewing Week. The week was perfectly timed to give me that little push I needed to make some summer clothes for my own wardrobe.

This weekend I finished a new top in this lovely dandelion fabric.  The pattern is New Look 6705 - view E on the packet.  I have made one of this style with the rounded neckline before and I had always intended to do another, so here it is.  I even have quite a bit of fabric left over so I might manage to make something else from this material some time down the track.

I popped in this little bit of white trim around the front neckline.  This trim was the last piece of something that I got out of a box of old sewing items and notions that I bought many years ago now.  I've never seen anything like it in the shops - a cotton tape that is open at one side so I presume you could sandwich some fabric between it if you wanted, and a little loopy trim on the other side.  I just sewed it in between the front piece and the yoke - a little bit on a wing and a prayer because I couldn't fully see it as I was sewing the seam, so of course it has a certain amount of wonk factor.  The pain of trying to re-sew it in was above my perfection threshold so wonky it will stay.

Yay!  A new top to grab from my wardrobe to go with my much loved three quarter jeans.

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Renee // nearest the pin said...

I love this! The white trim adds a lovely feature and the fabric you have chosen is gorgeous, well done!


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