Friday, September 27, 2013

Sewing for me, some progress

I've been squeezing in some time for sewing this week (just).  School holidays, a 7th birthday, head colds for two, chronic rhinitis for one - time for my own pursuits is certainly at a premium this week.  Here's a super quick update to show you what I've been up to for Selfish Sewing Week.

I've made two new Washi dresses for the summer.  Boy, it's been hot already this year and I'm well into dress wearing mode.

The first dress I made in this cute cloud fabric...

...and the second in a small pink and yellow flower print.

Today's contribution to selfish sewing has been a lunch time race to cut out a sleeveless top.  It's pretty windy today, I needed some weights to hold things in place so I just used what came to hand next to me down on the floor...

I've gone back to my New Look 6705 pattern - it's easy to fit, it's breezy and easy to wear, easy to iron, what's not to love?

Two dresses and a top would be a good result for the week, just a few days to go so I'll have to keep my head down in those precious spare moments!

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Suz said...

It's fun isn't it:)


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