Monday, July 20, 2009

Miss Jemima

Here is my very rough very first attempt at doll making. I already knew what my boy was going to say when he first saw it, and I was right..."It's Jemima, Mummy!". So, Miss Jemima it is.

This picture hides 1000 faults. Things I like about her are her decent body and head size, so she is easily cuddled under one arm, and she sits up well, no saggy bits. I don't like her too skinny legs, her lack of a neck, the way her hair grows mullet like down into the back of her dress and her pigtails look like her Mickey Mouse Club ears have slipped down to an odd place.

Some improvements to be made to be sure.

Next to her is the original Jemima doll, from the ABC Playschool program (Australian children's television for those not in the know), just for a little comparison fun.


Yana said...

very cute for your first attempt :) you could always substitute the fabric hair for yarn for a closer version of Jemima :)

Caroline said...

I have deliberated a lot about hair for dolls lately - for me its almost the most tricky thing about the doll. I like to work with felt, I am not sure how I would go with yarn. I am itching to try some ideas soon.


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