Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Made This!

Pip from Meet Me At Mikes is giving away a copy of her craft book - yay!

Here is my contribution to the entry criteria - a post of "I Made This".

I made this during 2006, it was a little hard work, but turned out OK, don't you think?
Sorry Pip, you left that one wide open for interpretation.


Ammie said...

LOL! I was tempted to do the same, because wasn't creating and birthing your child the most intense creative experience you've had? :) I love your babe, and your other dolls are goodies, too! (I found you from your Meet Me at Mike's comment! My link was

Caroline said...

Thanks Ammie - my blog is really all about the crafty things I make, so I thought why not post about my greatest creation. He kicked off this whole re-awakening in my sewing anyway, so I owe it to him. Glad you had the same thoughts. I see you also have a beautiful little boy.


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