Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Matryoshka

After sewing Miss Allsorts I decided to try make a pattern for a larger doll with different proportions. I also wanted to do a more of a traditional face with the little puckery lips.
Sewing the curved scarf piece to the base piece was a real nightmare so I will have to find a better way of doing that kind of effect. I also thing her head is too small, or I made her face too large. I wanted more scarf around her face, so a few improvements to work on next time I try to make her.
I also sewed in one of my labels - to my surprise I got in in straight, and the right way around - good seeing as i didn't think about its orientation when I pinned it in before sewing!


Yana said...

they both look very cute, so good job!

just wondering, did you get your labels printed?? if yes, from where?

Caroline said...

Hi Yana - thanks for your comment, I discovered your blog last night and like it very much, well, I can identify with you anyway.

I got my labels done by Fantasy Labels:
I thought the price was quite good and they have a nice choice. They quote delivery as about 4 weeks, and it does take that long, but worth waiting for I think.

See you round


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