Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clever Owl

Based on my last two softy making exercises I now think that I know it all... I sketched up this owl, my talented other half popped it into the computer and aligned it all into a pattern including seam allowances where necessary and I printed it out and made him. Just like that!

I did go astray with the pattern for the wings, but no matter because it worked out OK in the end. I am not sure I like his cutesy look, I think I like my owls to be more serious. To compensate I staged him atop Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' in Russian and against something seriously brainy by Dostoevsky (I think The Brothers Karamazov, but thats testing my language skills).


Yana said...

the owl looks great! i also noticed the book (The Brothers Karamazov), and you translated it correctly :D

Caroline said...

Thanks - obviously its not my book, but I recognised a few cyrillic letters here and there. I really like the look of this book, all plain and brown but with this fabulously fancy looking title script.


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