Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A bevy of beauties

Last week was mental health week. Maintaining good mental health is something I am aware of in my life. So when the school I am working at right now announced it was holding a week full of feel good mental health activities for the staff in the second week of term (the week after the official week), I was both impressed and inspired to make my own contribution when "random acts of kindness" was mentioned at the staff meeting.

Now, I am not a regular staff member, most people would have seen me around but not know me well. Absolutely nobody knows I am a sewer or that I like to give things away. Instantly a little Toy Society style toy drop came into my mind...but amongst all the lesson planning and teaching stress was there room in my life for sewing?? You bet ya!

I decided to leave a toy a day in the staff room for someone to find and take home. I chose to make four Miss Allsorts dolls from the Make Your Own pattern, started them on Friday, sewed into the night and finished them off Sunday afternoon. Phew, a sewing marathon but totally worth it. I only got three in for the picture as I didn't get access to the camera until after dark on Sunday and I took one doll with me to work on Monday morning.

On Monday I left one near some of the staff computers, Tuesday I left one on the lounge chairs in the staff lunch area. I spied Monday's toy sitting one someone's desk, haven't spotted who got Tuesday's toy. Two to go, keep you posted!

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