Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Softie

This little one was a quickie job this afternoon. I used the pattern from Clever Owl to create the body shape and then sketched on the shape of the head. I did a bit of a "hung, drawn and quatered" job on Miss Jemima. I recycled her arms for this toy, (her legs are awaiting recycling down the track) and then stuffed her body in the cupboard in case my little on should see her in her dismembered state... I loved the eyes that Jodie put on the bug she sent me for the bug swap, so I tried out a similar face, and got all enthused and did some double sided fabric ears. My finishing touch was a little pocket on the tummy, handy don't you think?

I tried to photgraph it in the late afternoon light at the back steps. Got one shot and then this happened:

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