Monday, November 2, 2009

Am I crazy?

Hello! Its been about a week since I had time to do a blog post. A few small projects are bubbling away on my dining room table, but nothing enough to really post about.

I went to Ikea on Sunday (hm, bad idea I hear you say?). Well, I don't have any time during the week right now and I needed sheets and Ikea have 100% cotton ones that don't cost the earth.

Anyway, I went past the fabric section and pulled out a massive square of this Gunilla fabric from the "off cuts" box. I secretly think they just put pieces in the box to tempt folk like me who are browsing through with kid/s in tow and the whole self-serve fabric thing is in the too hard basket.

I want to do two things with it. I am going to try and attempt some long cushions for the couch. That's OK. And I want to make a skirt. That is kind of odd because its heavy weight fabric, more for furnishings rather than clothes. I'll be the lady with the cushion cover skirt....

I'll keep you posted.


Yana said...

beautiful fabric! ikea always has some cool selection. about the skirt.. i think it will work if you choose a pattern that requires heavy weight fabric :)

Zoe said...

gorgeous fabric, Caz - happy creating! xx

ellie said...

Oh, no. It will make a beautiful skirt. I know the fabric, and will sit nicely - if you choose the right pattern. And expect to wear it more in Winter than Summer (which means it can go on the 'to-do' pile for a little bit longer!).

I hope you got your little giveaway and are enjoying thinking up ideas of what to use it for. Do let us know.

- Ellie :: Selvedge House


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