Monday, November 30, 2009

Softies for Mirabel appeal

Four lovely friends and I have been meeting semi-regularly for some months, and doing significant amounts of "after hours" sewing to produce a final tally of 18 softies for the Mirabel appeal. Hopefully each of these little ones will be finding their perfect human match sometime in December and brining a smile and a cuddle to some of the children supported by the Mirabel Foundation.

Thank you to Petrea, Annette, Jackie and Kris for being inspired, super crafty and taking up the challenge with me - it was heaps of fun.

I will post photos of each toy and details of who made them on the Flickr website sometime today. I also have to get them down to the post office quick smart!

Thanks also to Pip and Meet me at Mikes for this little piece of crafting for charity brilliance.


Lady Rockstitch said...

What an amazing collection of softies. Well done. They will be loved and cherished!

Casie said...

Is that a crowd, gang, throng, flock, swarm of softies? Whatever it is, what an effort, they look great!


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