Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting skirty

An evening of cutting and piecing together on Monday and an afternoon of zippers, trim and finishing on Tuesday produced me a new skirt.

I used the Madison skirt pattern from Little Bird Patterns. Its a very simple skirt to make, and its very comfy around the waist as it doesn't have elastic or a tight waist band or anything. I also really like that the skirt is a bit longer than average, that suits my style. I even wore it out to the movies last night.

The one thing I am dissatisfied with the facing around the waist as its not interfaced (so thin and floppy), the instructions seem to indicate that you just zig-zag (or overlock) the raw edges (no neat hem), and it shifts around and rides up when you put the skirt on and adjust it on your waist. I had to tuck the facing in to make myself neat! Must fix that with a few little stitches, especially along the side seam on the other side to the zipper. For some dyslexic reason only known to myself I made it in the large size, which is definitely not my size, and had to take in a whopping 14cm from the waist and side seam, but at least I could custom fit it, better too big than too small!

I have plans to make some more of these in the very near future.

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