Thursday, November 26, 2009

Here....Kitty, Kitty

I finished Kitty from the Kirsten Doran kit. I made him mostly black (despite the nice fabrics in the pack) because I was feeling in a black cat mood considering Friday 13th and Halloween happening within a few weeks of each other (yes, I have been working on this small project for a while). Isn't he just adorable? I really do love him.

And so does the small one it seems. The little boy spied Kitty sitting on my sewing table after she was finished, and immediately claimed it as his own. He talks to it, goes to bed with it (forsaking the usual favourite of Maisy Mouse!!), and even toted it around to his friend's place yesterday.

I wanted to photograph Kitty today, and there he was, relaxing on the end of my son's bed. Miaow!

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