Sunday, February 7, 2010

F is for freakout

Something got me started today on my patchwork cushion kit that I bought from Amitie while I was in Melbourne over Christmas. Doing the patchwork front was no problem for me, and I worked out the overlapping back pieces OK, with a little mistake that required an unpick and re-sew.

Generally the kit instructions were the absolute bare minimum, and there were no instructions in the kit for how to do the binding, it just instructed the user to "bind as you would a quilt". Luckily I found an ace tutorial on quilt binding here. Three times lucky and I managed to work out how to diagonally join the binding strips. I somehow forgot that "right sides together" gives you the desired results in sewing.

This was entirely unchartered territory for me, sewing the cushion together right sides out and wrong sides facing was really too weird. I kept panicing and wanting to turn it, which of course gave me an inside out cushion cover. I was up and down to my laptop like a yo-yo trying to get the binding on. It worked out sweetly, even the corners - oh yeah baby!!!

Someone kept asking, "Mummy, come and plaaaay!".


Yana said...

i understand your frustration! i prefer to sew right sides together, turn right side out and topstitch! do not like binding (although it does look nice once done). look forward to seeing the finished product :)

Kate said...

I love that final photo! Mummy come and play seems to be the backing track to many of my sewing adventures too.


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