Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Patchwork comfort

I finished my patchwork cushion and in a moment of sunshine yesterday tried it out in the garden. I can report that its just the right size, lovely and comfortable, and down right pretty in my cane outdoor chair. Lots of gorgeous Joel Dewberry fabrics from the Ginseng range.

A beautiful pink back.

And I am very proud of my mitred corners!

Also very tempting just to lay down on the grass with it.



CurlyPops said...

I really like some of those Joel Dewberry fabrics, but I'm trying really hard not to buy fabric!
I love love love stripey binding.

Yana said...

its gorgeous!!!! the fabric combinations are pretty and your sewing is perfect!!! :) great job!

Gina said...

Couldn't comment on this before for some reason but now I can... and it's beautiful. So simple in design and so gorgeously executed. Nice pictures too!

Marina said...

Gorgeous cushion. As well as being pretty, it looks so comfy and inviting.....


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