Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Swapping with White Mouse Creations

I have recently had the pleasure of doing a little crafty swap with the lovely Yana from White Mouse Creations. Yana is a regular visitor over here at Maika Creations, thanks Yana.

Yana makes some lovely things for herself, friends and family, she seems to turn her hand expertly to any task whether it be toys, clothes or furnishings. I think her embroidery work is beautiful. Just look at what she did for her little niece over here.

Anyway, it all got started because I have admired her tissue holders. She has made fabric ones, and embroidered linen ones, and I asked her could she make me one please? I always have a scrappy plastic tissue packet floating around my handbag, often more than one at a time, my tissues deserve better, they need a holder.

Yana agreed to do a swap with me - one tissue holder for one of my sleeping softies.

It was a done deal. She even made a little wrist pin cushion for me in the bargain. Its linen with a touch of pink embroidery, so sweet. Thanks again Yana, can't tell you how happy I was to throw those scrappy plastic tissue packets away!

1 comment:

Yana said...

thanks caroline! you are very kind! :) (i haven't blogged about our swap yet, but will do very soon!) :)


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