Monday, February 22, 2010

The Judge, the Book and the Cover

One ugly, yellow Spirax notebook leftover from studying.

Beautiful hand printed "pear" fabric from Selvedge House that I was lucky enough to win in November last year. The feel of this fabric is extremely yummy. Its soft and creamy, like butter, like your favourite old jeans. Mmmm, also love the rich red colour.

I made a little cover for said notebook.

I'll be taking notes.

You be the judge.


Danielle said...

Super-cute! I can imagine yummy recipes being jotted down in there - chocolate dipped pears anyone?

Yana said...

cute cover and lovely fabric :)

ellie said...

This is such a great design - I love your little flap cover. Delicious!

{I just blogged about it over at our Selvedge House blog. Thanks for sending us the photos. So lovely to see.}


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