Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bunting to make you smile

Why do little strings of flags make you feel happy?  The colour?  The movement?  The fun of hanging them up?  Whatever it is, it's one of those suretys of life.

They're so fun and easy to make too.  All of these were cut out from the contents of my scrap bag, but strangely the scrap bag seems not to have shrunk as much as I would have liked!  At least it's back in the cupboard now rather than strewn over the floor.

Four strings of double sided scalloped flags in boy blues, girl blues, pinks and purples and lemon and white are now available in the shop.


yardage girl said...


Julie said...

Yes, I agree, cute.\

Isn't it funny how our scrap bags never seem to shrink. I think the scraps know how to reproduce!

Yana said...

they do make you smile :) very nice!

Adriana said...

They're beautiful!
I love the shape.


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