Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More than $9 worth

Recently I took my little guy for a trip on the train to the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets in the Brisbane city square.  It was a great way for us to fill a Friday afternoon and early evening.  The colourful pavement lights, the statues in the city square and the train ride home in the dark were a big hit with the four year old and of course I got to check out the lovely crafty offerings.

We only made one purchase - a soft cube kit from Voodoo Rabbit.  My boy was very excited about it as there was a little tinkly rattle ball to sew inside, the fabric to make the cube had cute drawings, and seemingly a story...but I quickly noticed that the story was not in a language I recognised at all. 

I had a stab at it, maybe Turkish, I asked? No, the lady at the stall revealed it was Hungarian text on fabric printed in Japan.  I bravely promised my boy that his Dad would be able to work out the translation for him.

The cube kit sat in the sewing room for a few weeks and we got it put together over the weekend.  We bought stuffing, little fingers pushed in volumes of the stuff to fill the cube, in went the little rattle ball (this was a very exciting bit) and eventually when all was ready I sewed the opening closed.

And the story?  Not one to resist a linguistic challenge my husband has worked it all out.  Its not really a story, more some statements about the pictures - things like "Hello Elephant, what are you doing?", "Balancing on the ball!", "How clever!".

This soft cube has been belted all over the house, tossed, caught, thrown in faces, almost knocked glassware off the bench...all this entertainment for the three of us for $9 was a real bargain.


Maxabella said...

It's adorable. And I love the translation... somehow it looks more thrilling in Hungarian, no?! x

Yana said...

the cube is fantastic! sounds like your little guy loves it :) $9 well spent!

Suz said...

Very cute. Love the fabric. I have just opened a madeit shop and noticed you have a button on your blog linking to your shop. If you have time, could you let me know how you did this? Thank you, Suz


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