Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gifts galore for little ladies

To start this week off just a quick post about my favourite reason for sewing...for gift giving of course.  Birthday presents for two little girls, Molly and Scarlett (such lovely names!) one just born and one turning four.

Here's the result of the cuddle owl that I posted about last week.  This was one of those projects where things just fell into place - a perfect sized scrap of magenta cotton was waiting for me in the remnant basket of the fabric shop for the edging, and I had a great reason to cut into a vintage pillowcase to make a crazy floral backing. Slow and steady sewing produced a great result. I was very happy with it, and so was the recipient!

And a little matryoshka softie from a Blinking Flights pattern I've been hoarding up to try for way too long. 

Sometimes one just needs the perfect excuse to try something, and that's worth waiting for.


Yana said...

beautiful! :)

Amanda said...

Such lovely gifts. I especially love the little matryoshka, very sweet.

Zoë said...

divine - especially the owl!

Rebecca said...

awww! i love stumbling across things like this! and i love that you've done the scarf to tie up... i never thought of that!


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