Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slow stitching

Its getting harder.  Getting on the floor to cut out fabric, or leaning over a table, standing at the ironing board - I'm getting tireder, slower and more awkward.

So I'm glad this weekend of sitting around doing a lovely lot of meditative hand stitching.  I'm sewing the bias binding around the edge of a baby blanket.  The blanket is not even for my own use but I am loving the look so much that I think I will make myself one exactly the same, and whip up a few more from materials in my stash.  I'm starting to daydream a lot about what a room for our new little baby is going to need and look like.  Stitching and daydreaming, too good. With about 4m of hand sewing for each blanket making a few of them will keep me out of mischief and happily ensconced on the couch of the evenings. 

I was going to get a picture up of me wearing my lovely new maternity skirt this weekend but today my man is sick and my boy is recovering from sick so I've not had much time for anything but housework and Lego.  Maybe I'll get a chance to snap myself with the self-timer during the week.  But for now the little Mr and I have to take a trip out to find something yummy for our dinner tonight.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Yana said...

i can't believe you hand sew the binding! i'm sure it looks stunning once done, but i think i would lose all my patience doing it by hand. especially 4m worth!!! so hat off to you! :) looking forward to seeing the finished blanket and photos of your skirt :) xx

Gina said...

I love finishing binding by hand. Embrace the slow! I hope you retain enough energy to make some more of those blankets :)


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