Monday, March 11, 2013

Boy sewing: tees

Here we go, a series of posts about my recent spree of sewing for my boys.  Today it's all about tees.

I rarely buy a t-shirt for my boys that has any kind of decoration on it (none of that "American sports" kind of stuff that seems to be ubiquitous in the department stores here).  I usually end up with stripes, I love my boys in stripes, or just plain shirts that I can add a little decoration to.

Recently I bought some plain long sleeved tees for my oldest boy.  I think he's getting a bit old for some of the designs I've done for him in the past, like dinosaurs and pirates.  He wanted t-shirt decoration though so I ended up opting for a red and white striped star on a navy tee.  The striped fabric comes from a t-shirt refashion that I did for my little boy last week.

There was also a request for a dolphin t-shirt...but as we are seeing out the last days of summer here he was happy to let me dolphin up an old blue t-shirt.  To do that I had to pick the pocket off the old t-shirt, yes, you can totally see where the pocket was can't you!  Never mind, we're not that fussy.  Not to let that little pocket go to waste I sewed it straight onto a long sleeved grey t-shirt for the coming winter.  Gives a great pop of colour don't you think?

For my little boy I've been experimenting with making knit tops from scratch.  I made him a long sleeved tee out of a large sized men's t-shirt I bought for $5.  I followed a few tutorials on Made to draft a pattern and sew the shirt.  I used the hemline of the original t-shirt for the body, and squeezed in one sleeve from the hemline, but the second sleeve needed me to sew the wrist hem, which I did with a straight stitch and I suspect the stitches will break there, this sewing with knits thing is a learning curve in process.  I'm dreaming of ordering some cool and funky knit fabrics from the internet but I want to test wash and wear a few garments first.

Someone wants to put the lens cap back on my camera, so that's it for now folks!

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