Friday, March 8, 2013

Double trouble


My tally of sewing for Celebrate the Boy 2013 is starting to look impressive but I'm now officially lagging behind at sharing it here on my blog.  There's been a few troubles getting in my way.

Trouble 1: the weather has been terrible with moments of brilliance.  It's been mostly true that when I considered getting camera in hand and organising some photography it's either about to rain, raining or just finished raining, or failing that it's been awfully overcast or the wind was blowing too hard (I do most of my photography outside).

Trouble 2: last week I had tonsillitis, this week my little man has a virus infection and is feeling very poorly.  We've been frequenting the doctors rooms more than we would like.  Illness has been making us tired and in bad spirits.

Hopefully we'll have a restful and healing weekend and be back with a lovely boy sewing round up next week.  

Hope you enjoy your weekend too.

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