Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The flip vest: take 2

After a week of wresting with patterns, printers and practice runs I now have a flip vest for each of my boys.  I sized the pattern up slightly to make one for my six and half year old (hence the practice runs), but I'll get to that one in a little while, I'm still sewing on the last buttons. Today I'm showing off this version for my toddler.

I found that I had a few issues with my printer which was downsizing the pattern slightly, which is partly to blame for my first attempt ending up too small.  I think though that even if the pattern had printed at correct size the first time around I would have gone up a size in the end anyway.  Just to put the nail in the coffin on my first version I attempted to use some snap closures, but I suspect due to the thickness of fleece and drill fabric together that they just wouldn't hammer in properly and got a little bent (either that or I'm a real klutz when it comes to wielding a hammer...), so those snaps just weren't going to do up, no matter how hard I squeezed with my poor fingers.  No snap.

So here's the new version, complete with shiny, red buttons.  The button holes were no big deal and you can still reverse the vest, the buttons just go hiding on the inside and that's fine with me (and him).  For today's photo shoot, I bring you a raid on our CD collection...whatever works, right?

He wore this vest to school drop off for his big brother in the rain this morning, it was Perfect!


dana said...

it turned out so cute! Sorry you had probs the first time around :(.
Love those dogs!

Cirque Du Bebe said...

Adorable! Funny someone bought me the exact same fabric just the other day. Maybe I should make a flip vest and our kids can be virtual twins!


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