Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fruity passions

Our passionfruit vines have gone bananas this year.  They keep flowering over and over again, the honey eater birds are all over the vines pollinating the flowers and huge round fruits just keep growing.

For lunch I've been having passionfruit straight off the vine over cold Greek yoghurt.  Yum!
My fingers and hands smell like passionfruit juice, my mouth feels tangy and those little black seeds go crunch between my teeth.

We also finally harvested the olives from our front yard, enough was enough of the over ripe ones falling from the tree and rolling down the driveway to be inevitably squashed under the car tyres.  I'm up to my elbows in pickling olives in salt water - its not as romantic as it sounds.  More on that later!

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I will work for Fabric said...

I had heaps of passionfruit this year too, must have been the season for it. Sadly the vines have now gone to heaven as they were getting some kind of disease happening. Would have made some great passionfruit cordial!


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