Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alphabet Tuesday: B is for Bear

Holy moly! I nearly forgot, its Tuesday. Isn't Mr Ted E. Bear cute?

BTW, if you are reading this and know of where I can get a sew/iron on alphabet in a nice lowercase font, please pipe up, I am still searching. All I can find in the shops are the kind of block, square capital letters that you might put on a sports shirt or something just as distastful.

I was just busy taking snaps of my Sew it Together nametag....you will have to wait until tomorrow for that one now.


Catherine said...

The teddy bear looks very cute all sewn up Caroline. Sorry no ideas on the font, maybe you could stencil it on with some fabric paint if you can't find a suitable iron on.

Mary said...

Why settle for some pre-made alphabet when you can make a better one yourself?

Pink a font you like in a size you like from your computer writing program or from the web. Copy each letter into a document and print them out.

Cut out and trace each letter, reversed, onto the paper side of fusible web, cut out and fuse to the back of your fabric, cut out the fabric following your fused on-pattern, remove paper and fuse cut out fabric-side up onto to the face of your fabric in it's final position, zig-zag around the edges (or buttonhole stitch by hand), done!

You could even do it in your own handwriting- or the kids! I've done it with high schoolers, and it works great!


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