Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making flowers

Hmmm, what a week we have had around here. Illness and bad news have sent us on a real rollercoaster. Amongst it all we are making it turn out the best we can.

Today we are having a mid-week family day. Its very nice to cruise out to a cafe mid-week, its much quieter and more relaxed than the weekend. The suburb around us is quieter too, people are out at work, nobody mowing their lawns or splashing in their pools. We have also just made very impromptu plans to visit family overseas during the month of May, so in late April I will be taking a very deep breath and boarding a plane to single-handedly take my 3 year old from Brisbane to Dubai and then onto Istanbul to meet up with my husband (who is travelling ahead of us), and he will help us over the finish line to Sofia, Bulgaria.

This also means that I am going to have to regretfully withdraw my attendance at Sew it Together in May. I am really disappointed at having to miss it (and the first weekend away from my son ever) but I am sure there will be another opportunity to attend such an event.

And because I can't go without a little bit of crafting in my week I quietly sat down and experimented with a few felt flowers. Making my own little bit of brightness amongst everything. One of these is going to morph into a pincushion pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers and a nice collection of buttons.. Can't wait to see the pincushion all finished.. I have also been having a little break from doing anything crafty as we have also been having a bit of emotional roller coaster couple of weeks. But I feel over the Easter break will get me back on track..Thanks for sharing ..

Mary said...

How absolutely adorable!

I sympathize; its very hard to leave a little one at home. But, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful trip, though. What an experience!

Gina said...

I'm sorry to hear there's been illness and bad news. I hope the travel is ok, I'm sure you'll manage it well, 3 is a pretty decent age to travel with ( but I never, ever want to travel alone with a 16 month old again).
I had to pull out of Sew ItTogether too... So I commiserate.


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