Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alphabet Tuesday challenge

I went AWOL for about a week there. I have been slowly working on another kitchen playmat for the young man around the house, have a quarter finished tote bag on the table (not enough fabric for the handles and no time to go and seek out such fabric)...but to tell the truth I have been a bit crafted out and real life butted in on my time.

Late last year I made an under taking to re-create my Dick Bruna freeze in fabric. I got off to a flying start, and then ground to a halt because until I finished E for very fiddly eskimo I couldn't move on to F for relatively simple fish. The long and the short of it all is that unless I make myself present to you A to Z as I go along, I am never going to get it finished.

So here begins Alphabet Tuesday. Starting with A is for apple today I will post a picture of one letter for the next 25 weeks, unless I have a super reason for falling off the alphabet wagon.

Yikes! Lucky I have a few up my sleeve, but thats not going to last.


Megan said...

i love the Dick Bruna Miffy books - his illustrations are so distinctive aren't they. have you seen the miffy website?
cute colouring in sheets and other activities too!
from megan :)

Tania said...

See that's where blogs are excellent - that accountability thing. Not that it has my granny blanket moving along at any breakneck speed...

Yana said...

what a great project! i'm looking forward to the alphabet tuesday :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you must finish this project. It is so sweet. My sister is a prep teacher and if I see your finished product, I may have to reproduce it for her classroom.

x Catherine


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