Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alphabet Tuesday: C is for Castle

Hello, hello, its Tuesday again. This week its a castle, with teeny yellow flags fluttering from the turrets. I left out some of the finer detail on this one, mainly all the black outlining. Maybe its more medieval to have six panes of glass in your castle windows, but I went for a more conventional four panes. Putting all the little pieces together to make this picture was fun, a kind of fabric jigsaw.

After I made this piece I decided to abandon any idea of doing any applique stitching around the edges of the work, it would probably just ruin the clean lines, as a wall hanging I think just using fusible interfacing is OK.

On the alphabet front, I am waiting for a few sample letters from an Etsy seller to see how they look. Also, I have a lovely reader from the USA called Mary who left a comment last week on how I might make my own fabric letters. How nice is that! I love it when someone takes the time to share stuff like that. Thanks Mary.

Happy Tuesday.


Little Ted Canvas said...

It does look great just the way it is!

beck said...

I think you are very clever, your alphabet squares all look so fab! Yes, lovely of Mary to help out - blogland is great like that, a very generous community. Hope you are having a happy day x


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