Friday, March 5, 2010

Kitchen playtime

Gee, thanks everyone for all the lovely comments on my felt hotplates. Its been so nice to hear from you. I did say in my post that it was a work in progress, and I have been making strange posts about felt soap, so now I am all done its time to show you what I made of it all.

I have put it all together as a kitchen playmat. The original idea source is over at Balancing Everything, but I made a lot of modifications to this basic version and changed the overall size of it. The front piece is entirely hand stitched, I very quickly found that machine stitching was just not neat enough for such intricate pieces, its a bit of work to do it like this but well worth the results I think.

So, come on a tour of my kitchen...

First wash your hands.

Prepare your favourite foods.

Do a little cooking.

Don't forget the washing up! Some left over backing fabric made the perfect sized tea towel.

There are some lovely kitchen inspired fabrics out there at the moment with which to back your playmat. Mine is the size of a standard kitchen tea towel so you could back it with a new or vintage tea towel, that would look ace.

I added some ribbon corner tags so that you can tie the mat to the legs of a kids playtable, stops it sliding around and falling off.

All rolled up and ready to travel (in this case its off to Melbourne next week).


Megan said...

that is so cool- love it!

Christina said...

Wow! It is fantastic! You have done such an amazing job and I love that it is hand stitched. That backing fabric is gorgeous too. :)

Yana said...

now it makes sense :D love the set and how it rolls up for travel! beautiful work! :)

Nikki Cardigan said...

This is fabulous Caroline. Wow. You've done a brilliant job and it is such a great idea. I am sure you will get to "taste" many delicious dinners made for you in this kitchen!

Zoe said...

simply fabulous, Caz - as ever!

Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

WOW!!!! I have just left a comment on your earlier 'stove' post and thought that was amazing --- but this.... WOW!!!

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

this is brilliant! I have been thinking about buying one of those plastic kitchens but can't figure out where we would keep it in the house... this is a great way to let them play and then roll it all up when they are done.

thanks for the inspiration!


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