Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alphabet Tuesday: D is for Duck

Good morning! Hope you had a great Easter break. We did - we stayed at home and enjoyed each other's company. There was baking, and bookcase making, and egg dying, a little chocolate eating, and finally bag packing and kissing as my husband left for overseas. I am now in unfamiliar territory with my blog because the best camera in the house has gone with him! I have a little point and shoot number here that I haven't used in years so I will see how that goes over the coming weeks. The laptop with the pictures of our egg dying adventures has also gone travelling - wish I had been more organised and transfered them to my computer, now I have to wait a few days for them to be emailed back to me.

Anyway, Alphabet Tuesday is brought to you today by the letter D. A nice simple grey duck - quack, quack.

1 comment:

Yana said...

Your alphabet project is great! They all are turning out lovely. :)


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