Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have never ever

I have never ever cut a doily in half.

I have never ever made a zippered pouch.

I have never ever made a clutch purse.

Last night I tried all three at once. No practicing here, I don't have time for pussyfooting around. There is a wedding to go to and I need a big enough purse to accommodate "stuff" for me and the small one, contents are not allowed to fall out mid-frivolities, and I need a wrist strap so I have all ten fingers available for kid wrangling.

So I got to and cut straight into the doily, handsewed it to black cotton, measured, cut and interfaced exterior fabric, measured and cut lining, sewed it together (zipper shmipper btw), forgot clutch strap.

Tonight's job is to turn it back on itself and insert clutch strap, then re-inforce, clip, turn and sew lining closed.

I have never ever taken a doily with me to a formal occasion before. I am loving how this looks so far, but I have been having a confidence crisis and wondering if the other wedding guests might be pointing and laughing at my doily purse, different culture and mindset and all. It seems there are first times for everything lately.


sandra said...

if the guests are looking at it, it'll be because they all want one!!

Little Ted Canvas said...

It's gorgeous, what a clever idea!!

Cotton Kiwi said...

It's beautiful! I would definately take something like that to a wedding. Well done!

Cherie said...

Well done - it's gorgeous - they'll be looking wanting to place an order - have a great time, be proud and enjoy ;))

Debbie in Nashville said...

What a great idea, it looks great! Wow that's alot of nevers but it all looks like it came together!

Gina said...

A bit disconcerting at first to cut into a doily... But what a cool outcome. I love it. Never mind about the guests' opinions... I know what you mean tho - sometimes when i wear something creative, handmade or vintagey, I get different reactions. Some ppl will think you are cool and cutting edge. Others will think you were tastely dressed by aunty Edna..

Psbeen thinking about you as I'm hunting around for a good kitchen/life timer. If I find one I'll so let you know!

Chickie Little said...

I'm impressed. The doily makes a simple elegant effect. Great idea!


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