Saturday, April 24, 2010

Perfectly pink pincushion

I am finally getting around to show off the pincushion I received as part of Kate's pincushion swap. A package was waiting for me when I got home from Melbourne on Thursday night, and for a moment I was curious because it seemed too hard and bulky to be a small, soft pincushion like item.

Inside the postage bag were these three things.

A pincushion indeed! Its beautifully soft and pink, with felt and embroidery and a cool little bobble trim. Its absolutely me! So very very happy for this to have arrived for my sewing table.

Also a little matryoshka brooch. This is so cute and will look great on my black jacket.

And a box of chocolates! Not to overshadow my delight over the pincushion itself, but receiving this box of sweetness made me sigh with relief - I had had a long day, packing, getting to airport, flight, taxi ride home - and now there was something to indulge in with a cup of tea once dinner, bathtime and bedtime were finally completed. I was a happy camper on the couch that evening I can tell you.

So who sent me this wonderful package? There was nothing but a "hello" written on the postage bag and an unreadable signature. I had half a mind that I had seen a blog post somewhere with this particular pincushion, but it was too hard to track down that way. So I went to the pincushion swap Flickr page and tracked the creator down. It was from Amanda, from Mandamade. Thanks heaps Amanda.


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh cute, but didn't you have to send one to Amanda too?? What a delightful treat, love Posie

manda said...

Phew! Im so relieved you received it Caroline.I recently sent my sister a box of easter eggs to japan and they went missing. I was a little worried there was a chocolate thief at my local post office heehee... I really should have sent you a note...but I thought we were doing a kind of secret swap...silly me! It has been nice discovering your blog-your Dick Bruna alphabet is going to be so cool when it is finished.
Manda :-)

Yana said...

lovely pin cushion and the box of chocolates is a big plus :)


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