Friday, April 9, 2010

Letters come in the mail

I have found iron on letters for my alphabet wall hanging. A lovely Etsy seller called Once Upon a Design has a range of very nice iron-on appliques in her shop and she is able to custom make me a whole alphabet in lower case in black fabric. I ordered a few letters to see how they looked and I am happy with them so the rest of the alphabet will be on its way from Florida very soon.


Megan said...

they look great!

Mary said...

Wow, the pages look great! I think the letters are a good choice, as they provide continuity in color, look and placement,and are a standard reading font; great for learning letters.

What I like the most about the appliqued letter on each page is the fact that it becomes a textural element; a traceable letter, not just ink printed onto the page. One of my four kids really needed the added textural element in her learning.

Good luck with the rest of them!

Yana said...

the letters look great! the project is coming along nicely :)


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